Product Parameters

Cyanuric acid 

Product Name:  Cyanuric acid( CYA)

Formula:  C3H3N3O3

Usage: Make cyanogen uric acid chloride, saline, fat;Used for formating the new-type bleaching agent, resisting oxygen pharmaceutical, paint coating, agricultural weed killer mainly, Cyaniding lose pharmaceutical slowly with metal, can used in stablizer, disinfects , decontamination, chlorine of swimming pool,; Can also be used in nylon, firing pharmaceutical and cosmetics additive,etc. Directly.

Dosageform:  Powder , granular

Purity 98.5%

Moisture  0.5%

PH(1% water solution) 4.0

Package: The products can be packaged in plastic barrel, cardboard barrel, container bag, or costomized by the client.

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